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How many times have you stumbled on someone on Instagram and thought, “I want to be just like HER”

The one who is living the dream, with thousands of engaged fans, who is building a business, brand, or blog, who is monetizing her passions … all because of the following she has on Instagram.

This dream is a REALITY for countless #girlbosses, bloggers, coaches, and Instagram Influencers.

Learn HOW they do it in the InstagramHer Summit…

InstagramHer Summit Speaker Sessions



@dianamarksofficial // 454,000 followers

Diana boasts an impressive following of 1.5 million across her social media platforms, with over 450,000 followers on her primary Instagram account. She is a digital influencer and fashion blogger at Lux Affair By Diana, where she shares her travels, fashion inspiration, and style advice. Diana’s been featured on Marie Claire, Elle, Vogue, and other online and print publications.

In this session, Diana shares:

  • Details about the branding opportunities she receives, including working with Dolce & Gabbana, Tod’s, Coach, and more
  • The three ways of creating content for brands that she can monetize on
  • How she is able to balance it all (and how travel is a crucial part of this!)



@thelagirl // 81,000 followers

Gwen is the face behind The LA Girl, her wildly popular Los Angeles Lifestyle Blog, where she shares her tips, knowledge, and love for LA. Because of the success she’s reached on her own blog, Gwen now helps other bloggers and influencers to monetize their channels and build their tribe online. With over 80K followers on Instagram, Gwen definitely knows how to build a tribe!

In this session, Gwen shares:

  • The hashtag strategy that she uses that has brands and events approaching her constantly
  • How she quit her job as a Marketing Director after she started making more money online than her salary
  • Her favorite methods to drive engagement and increase her following


    @elisedarma // 47,000 followers

    Elise is a travelpreneur and has spent 235 days abroad traveling to beautiful, exotic locations, all while blogging and running her business remotely. She is the creator of Canupy Content, a social media agency and has over 55,000 followers between her two accounts on Instagram of people who get to follow all of her travels (and probably want to do EXACTLY what she’s doing for living)!

    In this session, Elise shares:

  • How her career began as a freelance marketer
  • The BIG a-ha moment she had that caused her to completely change her feed (and catapulted her growth!)
  • Details about her amazing trip to Lisbon that was entirely paid for



    @everythingerica // 60,000 followers

    Our next speaker is Erica Eckman, also known as EverythingErica. Erica is a self-proclaimed Foodie, Recipe Creator, and Blogger based out of Chicago. Her mission is to help you make any recipe, right out of your kitchen. She has 60,000 followers on Instagram, where she shares her colorful, mouth-watering recipes, food creations, and adorable pics of her daughter Elia.

    In this session, Erica shares:

  • How it took only 200 followers to give her the confidence to quit her job and blog full-time
  • The opportunities she’s received because of her following … including partnerships with Coca-Cola, restaurant previews, and free vacations
  • How she transitioned from receiving free product, to actually be PAID to feature it



    @aritheheiress // 84,000 followers

    Our next speaker is Ariana Pierce. Ariana’s got a long list of titles, including Founder, CEO, Fashionpreneur, Business Coach, Speaker, Vogue Influencer, Blogger, and Successful Author. Ariana has worked with A-list celebrities and her products have been featured on numerous big-name media outlets and magazines, including Us Magazine, Life and Style, Glamour, Fox, and many more.

    In this session, Ariana shares:

  • The 3 “rules” that Ariana follows on Instagram for consistent growth
  • All the different ways to make money through Instagram and online (it’s a long list!)
  • The incredible perks she’s received because of her following – including a girls trip to London!



    @hertastylife // 37,000 followers

    Brett Firdman is a Blogger and the beautiful face behind HerTastyLife. At, she shares her travels, fashion tips, and delicious foods from the Chicago area. Brett has over 37,000 followers on Instagram and we’re so excited to have her at the Summit!

    In this session, Brett shares:

  • How in only less than 2 years since the creation of her blog/Instagram, she’s been approached by big brands like Macys, Banana Republic, etc
  • EXACTLY how to approach brands if you want to monetize your following
  • The big mistake that she sees other bloggers making



    @saltsandandsmoothies // 48,000 followers

    Our next speaker is Amelia Whelan, also known as Salt, Sand, and Smoothies. Amelia is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, and Vegan Blogger living on the picturesque island of Kauai. She has nearly 50,000 followers on Instagram, where she shares healthy living and wellness tips and colorful plant-powered food pictures and recipes.

    In this session, Amelia shares:

  • How she manages the plethora of brands that want to send her products
  • The super cool wellness event she held at Macys Waikiki!
  • What’s worked well for her when it comes to posting (and how she keeps the dialogue going when someone compliments her feed)



    @bikinibosstheresa // 221,000 followers

    Theresa is a WBFF Pro, Mompreneur, Author, and Founder of Bikini Boss Fitness and Team Bikini Boss Chicks. After experiencing big fitness changes herself, she now shows others how to do the same. Theresa’s been featured on a variety of media outlets, including Fox News and The Huffington Post. And with over 220,000 followers on Instagram, she KNOWS the Instagram platform.

    In this session, Theresa shares:

  • The decision she made to start Bikini Boss Fitness and build it online (even with existing big teams already established)
  • Why she chooses to post differently than most fitness models (and how it relates to her end goal)
  • Details about her book deal and the importance of authenticity



    @kal_fitlife // 117,000 followers

    Our next speaker is Kallie, also known as @kal_fitlife. Kallie is a rockstar blogger and Instagrammer in the fitness and workout world. She began Instagramming to help her stay accountable when she started using Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide in early 2015. Now, she has 117,000 enthusiastic followers who are inspired by her fitness pictures and overall vibe of positivity.

    In this session, Kallie shares:

  • How she’s been able to build her account to over 100,000 followers in less than 2 years!
  • The strategy she uses when taking photos to create a consistent feed
  • What she says to brands when pivoting to being paid and the EXACT formula to figure out your rate

  • SESSION 10


    @charitynicolexoxo // 21,000 followers

    Charity Nicole is known as THE Instagram Rockstar. Charity helps female business owners, specifically direct sales/network marketing business owners, leverage the power of Instagram to grow their business and team. She has over 25,000 followers between her two accounts, and created her #InstaHappyRich course specifically for girls who want to rock it on Instagram.

    In this session, Charity shares:

  • The best ways for direct sales/network marketing reps to represents themselves and their company on Instagram
  • What the One-to-Six Ratio is, and why it’s so important to your feed
  • How she is able to drive followers off of Instagram and onto her site (where they eventually become customers!)

  • SESSION 11


    @dianabrafford // 27,000 followers

    Diana is a rockstar in the female competitive shooting world and the creator behind Alpha Gun Girl, a community set out to empower women to become better shooters and educated firearm owners. She started her account on Instagram to share her training at the range and now has nearly 40,000 followers between her 2 accounts AND has been approached by multiple brands in her industry to collaborate on sponsored content.

    In this session, Diana shares:

  • Her 3 tips for Instagram growth that helped her grow to over 25,000 in less than 2 years
  • How she was able to switch from receiving free product to actually making money from a product post
  • The experience of being flown around the country by a high-end manufacturer to attend various events (all because of her IG following!)

  • SESSION 12


    @lexiscleankitchen // 101,000 followers

    Our next speaker is Alexis Davidson, also known as Lexi’s Clean Kitchen. Lexi is a food blogger and photographer AND now a published cookbook author who is in the midst of her book tour. Lexi’s Clean Kitchen has been featured on a variety of media outlets and magazines, including Better Homes and Gardens, Cosmopolitan, Shape, Women’s Health, and more.

    In this session, Lexi shares:

  • The story of how everything started on Instagram and transitioned into an award-winning blog (and then a book deal!)
  • The one thing that put her follower account past 100,000
  • More details about her book deal and how she left her full-time job (and is now on her book tour!)

  • SESSION 13


    @theskinnyconfidential // 414,000 followers

    Lauryn Evarts is the face behind the uber-famous The Skinny Confidential. The Skinny Confidential has been featured on a variety of media outlets, including The Huffington Post, SELF Magazine, Shape Magazine and more. As a brand, TSC is not just a blog, but also a best selling book, App, podcast, and fitness and nutrition ebook. Because of her success in building a big brand, she now also advises other bloggers with her company Blog-Doo.

    In this session, Lauryn shares:

  • The BIG reason behind how she chose her brand/blog name
  • Growth hacking methods that Lauryn uses
  • Why she purposely doesn’t do a lot of sponsored posts (even though she’s approached by big brands constantly!)

  • SESSION 14


    @katgaskin // 47,000 followers

    Kat is Salty Pineapple, a traveling content creator, freelance graphic designer, the co-founder of The Content Planner, and a self-professed Instagram addict. Back in 2012, Kat left her unfulfilling desk job to take the leap of faith into #girlboss life. Now, she works 100% remotely and calls the world her office. Kat makes a living while traveling to the world’s most beautiful beaches and creating content for her favorite brands.

    In this session, Kat shares:

  • How she turned her dream of working with huge lifestyle surf brands into a reality
  • The big travel opportunities she receives, all because of the following she’s built on Instagram (including the surf retreat she hosted on Maui!)
  • All the details of The Content Planner, the planner she designed specifically for #girlbosses!

  • SESSION 15


    @manifestationbabe // 20,000 followers

    Our next speaker is Kathrin Zenkina, also known as ManifestationBabe. Kathrin is a Manifesting Expert & Life Coach for Spiritual Entrepreneurs and a Digital Course Creator. She’s also the creator behind The Manifestation Babe Shop, where she sells inspirational coffee mugs, apparel, and more amazing items to motivate you to manifest.

    In this session, Kathrin shares:

  • Her favorite way to increase engagement in her posts (it’s easier than you think!)
  • How to promote a new product without being sales-y or pushy
  • The BIG mistake that she sees a lot of newbies on Instagram making (including tips for your bio!)

  • SESSION 16


    @i_amrachelg // 40,000 followers

    Rachel wears multiple hats: she is a relationship expert, life coach, speaker, mentor, the founder of Women of Healing Ministries, and the author of the upcoming book “I’m Single Now What?” Rachel is not afraid to tell it like it is and receives thousands of views on her raw, real videos. She has been able to leverage the power of social media to extend her message and reach a worldwide audience.

    In this session, Rachel shares:

  • How Instagram has helped her to expand her coaching practice worldwide (including Russia and Paris!)
  • Why it’s important to go back and analyze previous posts that may no longer be lucrative
  • The crucial key between your brand and what it is that you sell (and her process for selling online)
  • SESSION 17


    @melissamade // 230,000 followers

    Our next speaker is Melissa McAllister, also known as @MelissaMade. Melissa is a leader in the fitness and nutrition world, the creator of 8 Hour Abs Diet and The MADE Diet, and a Business Mentor to others who want to create an online fitness business just like her. Melissa has over 230,000 enthusiastic followers on Instagram, where she shares her workouts, clean eating, and inspirational fitness posts.

    In this session, Melissa shares:

  • Her favorite app that she uses to make all of her useful side-by-side tutorial videos (that her audience LOVES)
  • Her big three tips for anyone trying to grow on Instagram (and why she shares different content on different platforms)
  • The color that attracts the most engagement and likes
  • SESSION 18


    @vegetaryn // 55,000 followers

    Taryn Rasgon is the creator behind Vegetaryn. She is a vegan blogger, recipe creator, and owner of Vegetaryn merchandise, a line of witty and pun-filled t-shirts, tote bags, and other plant-powered merch. Taryn has over 54,000 followers on Instagram who love her colorful plant-based meals, tips for eating vegan, and all-around positive attitude.

    In this session, Taryn shares:

  • How a shift in her diet led her to pursue her own business and brand
  • Details of how she has been able to build her Instagram to over 50,000 enthusiastic followers
  • The hardest part of taking the next step (and her advice for actually taking action!)
  • SESSION 19


    @ericaligenza // 22,000 followers

    Our next speaker is Erica Ligenza. Erica is a Philadelphia-based life-and-style blogger, brand strategist, business consultant, and the face behind Coming Up Roses The Blog. On Coming Up Roses, Erica shares everyday style inspiration, affordable lifestyle tips, “real talk” inspiration, and authentic relationship advice.

    In this session, Erica shares:

  • The importance of staying true to who you are and being unafraid to come from the heart
  • After graduating with a Business degree, why Erica decided to take the “risky” path of entrepreneurship instead of the corporate path
  • How she “teases” a blog post on Instagram and drives her audiences back to her blog
  • SESSION 20


    @prettyprintsandpaper // 72,000 followers

    Jessica Chung is the face behind Pretty Prints and Paper. Jessica created Pretty Prints and Paper as an outlet to share her endeavors with calligraphy, bullet journaling, and lettering. She now has over 70,000 followers on her Instagram account, and she’s also expanded into selling her beautiful prints online at The Pretty Print Shop.

    In this session, Jessica shares:

  • How her side passion turned into a online presence with over 70,000 Instagram followers
  • Why it’s so important to have a focus on Instagram (and how it distinguishes between a brand vs. a personal account)
  • The details of how her online store, The Pretty Print Shop, was born!
  • SESSION 21


    @sophie.jaffe // 75,000 followers

    Sophie is a health and wellness expert and the founder of Philosophie, a line of raw, organic, gluten-free superfood protein blends, coconut butters, and honeys. Sophie is a leader in the wellness world and has been featured on MindBodyGreen, Bustle, Livestrong, and more. She has over 73,000 followers on Instagram, where she shares yoga, superfoods, and beautifully authentic views into her personal and family life.

    In this session, Sophie shares:

  • The story of how her business, Philosophie, started and grew (it all began in her home kitchen)
  • Excitement about her products being sold in Urban Outfitters, including in two stores in New York City!
  • Why it’s SO crucial to stop playing the comparison game (especially on Instagram!)

  • SESSION 22


    @theamberrenae // 50,000 followers

    Amber specializes in assisting others worldwide with personal branding and fashion styling. Originally a qualified Civil Engineer, Amber transitioned to creating her own fashion label in 2002. Her work has been featured in big-name media, including Shop Til You Drop and Cosmopolitan Magazine, and she has over 50,000 followers on Instagram who tune into her adventures, words of inspiration, and of course, fashionable outfits.

    In this session, Amber shares:

  • How she went from engineer to creating her own fashion label, then transitioned into teaching other entrepreneurs worldwide
  • Why she views her feed as curating her own magazine (and the importance of staying consistent with branding!)
  • How she creates excitement around a new digital course before launching
  • SESSION 23


    @melisfit_ // 54,000 followers

    Our next speaker is Melissa Eckman, also known as MelisFit. Melissa is a Yoga & Fitness Teacher, the Founder and Creator of Yogspiration, Model, and Blogger at With over 50,000 followers on her main account, and over 160,000 followers on her @yogspiration account, Melissa KNOWS how to build a following online, and now also helps others with private social media consulting.

    In this session, Melissa shares:

  • How building her social media following gave her the confidence to take chances (including becoming a fitness/yoga model!)
  • The 3 “rules” she always follows when posting (and why she doesn’t use flash photography)
  • Her favorite way to make money on Instagram
  • SESSION 24


    @sweetsimplevegan // 141,000 followers

    Jasmine is the face behind the Sweet Simple Vegan and a certified plant-based nutritionist, recipe creator, and blogger. Adopting a plant-based diet changed her life and now she shares her beautiful plant-powered dishes with the world. Jasmine has over 139,000 followers on Instagram and has been featured on Raw Food Magazine, Buzzfeed, One Green Planet, and many more media outlets and publications.

    In this session, Jasmine shares:

  • How her passion for plant-based eating has transitioned into an online brand with over 136,000 Instagram followers
  • The super-random story of how she appeared on TMZ
  • Details of her magazine features (including being featured in Forks Over Knives magazine, the documentary that originally inspired her dietary shift!)
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    Jessica has been featured on MindBodyGreen, Guided Mind, Pick the Brain, Women’s iLab, and more. She holds a BA in Communications and a MBA in Global Management. Join her on Instagram @jessicadebry or at

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